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Welcome to the website of Metal Recycling Moerdijk! For more than 15 years you have come to the right place for the return of all your old ferrous and non-ferrous metals for a fair and reasonable fee. Both business customers and private individuals can come to us for good service and a responsible working method, in which the environment and sustainability are of paramount importance.


Mixed red Pure red Yellow copper Aluminium Lead Ground cable Zinc Demolition Bronze Iron Stainless steel PVC cable Electro motors

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Purchasing private individuals

Hand in your old metals and cables at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk!


Container service

We have a stock of containers of various sizes.



The environment and everything related to sustainability are of paramount importance to us.


Metal prices

Stay up to date with the latest metal prices from the London Metal Exchange (LME) quotes.


Supply and demand

Current metal prices

Are you curious about the price you can get for your batch of metal? Our prices are based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) rates and change according to supply and demand. Therefore, regularly check the most current metal prices on our website or download our app. You will then receive a notification when the prices have been adjusted. This way you are always aware of the most up-to-date metal prices.

Product Price per KG
Mixed Rred 6,10
Pure red 6,85
Yellow copper 3,80
Aluminium 0,90
Lead 1,30
Ground cable 0,70
Zinc 1,60
Product Price per KG
Demolition 0,00
Bronze 0,00
Iron 0,18
Stainless steel 0,90
PVC Cable 1,70
Electro motors 0,40

Easy collection and return

Container service

To make collecting and handing in your metal as easy as possible, we have a stock of containers of various sizes. We will place it free of charge at your location in the Moerdijk region and collect it when the container is full. Useful!

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