Hand in copper North Brabant

Hand in copper North Brabant

Copper is a valuable material. Extracting copper is very environmentally and labour-intensive. In addition, after many years, it is increasingly difficult to extract good quality copper from the earth. So there is scarcity. That’s a problem, because copper is found in many appliances, plumbing and other applications. The demand for copper is rising, while the supply is decreasing. The solution, however, is simple: recycling. But for that we first need your old buyer. So come and hand in your copper in North Brabant at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk! We have been accepting copper from our private and business customers for 12.5 years. We then work with our partners to give your copper a second life. So sustainable!

The return process of copper

You can return your buyer to us in North Brabant during our opening hours. A number of things are important for you to know. Firstly, we are obliged to note your details when you hand in your buyer. Copper, as we mentioned earlier, is very valuable and copper theft has increased in recent years. This measure is therefore intended to prevent this type of theft. Secondly, if you’re turning in copper wires, it’s important that the copper is already separated from the wire. This makes separating and sorting easier, which also makes it easier to reuse the copper. You can see what you can get for your batch of buyer on our website or in our app. Here we keep track of metal prices based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) rate. This way you are always assured of a fair price for your buyer.

Would you like to hand in your copper in North Brabant at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk?

At our metal trade, we believe it is important that returning copper in North Brabant is as easy and fast as possible. That is why we are always working on lowering the threshold for the surrender of metal batches by private individuals and business customers. You have therefore come to the right place at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk for excellent service and a responsible working method. You can also contact us for demolition work. Would you like more information about us or do you have any questions? Then contact us! Send an e-mail to info@metaalrecyclingmoerdijk.nl, call +31 168 381 113 or fill in the contact form on our site. We will get back to your request as soon as possible.

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