Old metal North Brabant

Old metal North Brabant

Do you still have a lot of old metal in your shed or workshop in North Brabant? It’s a pity that these precious metals get dusty! After all, we live in times of scarcity, and more and more metal is needed to meet the demand for metal. And this is while most metals can be perfectly recycled. Metal Recycling Moerdijk is committed to making old metal easy and readily available. For 12.5 years, we have been accepting ferrous and non-ferrous metals from both private and business customers and we make sure that they reach one of our partners. These partners in turn ensure that the metals are melted down until they are as good as new and reused.

Old metal is never old enough

At Metaalrecycling Moerdijk, we believe that old metal is never so old that it cannot be reused. All we require from our customers is that the metal is clean and dismantled if necessary. This is how we transfer old metal in North Brabant as easily as possible. The current fees you can get for your metal can be seen on our website and in our app. Are you satisfied with the compensation you can get? Then visit our yard. We collect the old metal from you, sort it and transfer it to another party that will take care of the actual reuse. nibh.

Would you like to hand in your old metal in North Brabant at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk?

At our metal trade, we think it is important that returning old metal in North Brabant is as easy and fast as possible. That is why we are always working on lowering the threshold for the surrender of metal batches by private individuals and business customers. You have therefore come to the right place at Metaalrecycling Moerdijk for excellent service and a responsible working method. You can also contact us for demolition work. Would you like more information about us or do you have any questions? Then contact us! Send an e-mail to info@metaalrecyclingmoerdijk.nl, call +31 168 381 113 or fill in the contact form on our site. We will get back to your request as soon as possible.

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