Demolition container crane for CCT Terminal Services


A special job for Metal Recycling Moerdijk

At the beginning of January, the company dismantled an old 1970 container crane from CCT Terminal Services in Moerdijk. “Everything went perfectly,” says owner Charles van Akelijen with satisfaction.

Metal Recycling Moerdijk has been located in Moerdijk for more than 15 years. ‘Before that, I was based at Heinenoord together with his father. Because there was no possibility to expand, we were given the opportunity to take over our current location with all permits. This is how Metaalrecycling Moerdijk B.V. to arise. My father retired eleven years ago and sadly passed away five years ago.”

Over the years, father and son have continued to develop the company. ‘Now about eighty to ninety percent of our customers come from Moerdijk. We mainly have business customers from the industrial estate where we are located.’ Van Akelijen notices that more and more waste is coming from the companies and that peddling is slowly dying out. “My father used to go door-to-door as a peddler. Thirteen years ago, about ten peddlers drove around who came to unload with us from the Moerdijk area. Only one of them is still active. We have about 40 to 50 containers on hand, and companies are also coming to bring their own stuff.’

Copper cables

Metaalrecycling Moerdijk is mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of scrap. “We sort and cut everything at our yard and then sell the batches on to major players such as HKS Metals, which recently also established itself on our industrial estate, EMR and Jansen.” Last year, a new activity was added to the company: processing of copper cables. ‘We purchased a special shredder line for this. In the past, the cables all went to China, but more and more cables are now processed in our own country. We see this recycling as a great addition to our company.

Every entrepreneur will recognize it: sometimes a special job comes your way. For Metaalrecycling Moerdijk, this involved dismantling an old container crane from 1970 belonging to CCT Terminal Services. “We started dismantling it in the second week of January and within a week we had disassembled the crane into parts. It was a nice job and everything went perfectly.”

Accurate calculations

The most difficult part was that the crane, supplied by Sarens, could not lift more than 45 tons. ‘We had received the construction drawings and had to calculate accurately how much the various parts weighed. If they were too heavy, we would have a big problem. Fortunately, that all worked out well.”

Metal Recycling Moerdijk is ready for the future. ‘Business is good; we are very satisfied. We would prefer to expand even further, but that is technically not possible from a permit point of view. Then we need to dig a little deeper. Fortunately, the air is free,” says the entrepreneur with a laugh.

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