Sustainability is of paramount importance.

The environment and everything related to sustainability are of paramount importance to us. After all, as metal recycling, we aim to stimulate the reuse of metals and to reduce the need for new metal, which is extracted through environmentally harmful processes. That is why our business operations are designed in such an environmentally friendly way. Our sorting and recycling processes and those of our partners are aimed at recycling as much as possible, so that as few metal components as possible are lost. The substances that are emitted or metals that cannot be fully recycled are discharged in a place where this can be done in an environmentally responsible manner.

Sustainable sorting and recycling processes

Discharge of environmentally responsible material



VIHB list

The core of our company is focused on the transport, collection, trade, trade and mediation of industrial waste and other potentially hazardous waste. Through these activities we ensure that as few harmful substances end up in the environment. That is why we are listed on the VIHB list, which is drawn up and maintained by the NIWO (National and International Road Transport Organization). Because we are on this list, you are assured of recognized safe business operations with us.

The NIWO handles applications for inclusion on the VIHB list.

What does VIHB mean?
V = carrier
I  = collector
H = trader
B = mediator


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